Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Interesting New Book in Gov Docs

One of the most interesting new books received each year in Government Documents in the Al Harris Library is "The World Factbook" by the Central Intelligence Agency. This little gem is packed with information about most countries of the world. Information for each country includes: maps, historical background, geographic coordinates, area, how much coastline, bordering countries, territorial claim of ocean (miles or km) from coast, climate, terrain, elevation extremes, natural resources, % arable land, % irrigated land, natural hazzards, current environmental issues & international agreements. People info includes: population, sex ratio, death rate, nationality, ethnic groups, religions, languages, and literacy. Data on government and economy includes: current account balance, fixed investment, public debt, and reserves of foreign exchange and gold. If you are planning on visiting a foreign country or writing a report - check this book out first. Click on the following to see the website:

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