Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Where are your wireless manners?

Cell Phone Etiquette (LetsTalk.com)

1) Stop noise pollution: Don't shout into your phone and keep the ring on as low as possible. Or better yet, keep the phone on vibrate.

2) Off means off: Respect the rules of any location, including planes, schools, churches and restaurants.

3) Take it in private: If you're expecting an important call, turn the phone to vibrate or silent mode. Then, to take the call, excuse yourself to the lobby, restroom or outside where there are fewer people.

4) Be aware of personal space: No, not your space, others'. Keep several feet away from anyone when on a call.

5) Let them know: Inform callers and call recipients that you're on a cell phone.

6) Know when to call: Just because you have someone's cell phone number, don't assume you can call it at anytime.

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