Friday, February 17, 2006

The Presidents of the United States of America

This great new book from government documents (Sudoc number Y 3.H 62/4: 2 P 92) gives us an overview of the lives of all US Presidents - from George Wahington to George W. Bush. One page of this book outlines the history of each President with comments about important events in United States history. A lot of the leadership qualities and knowledge for each comes through along with major accomplishments or problems each faced during their presidency. A few of the Presidents made bad decisions (James Buchanan urged Congress to allow Kansas to be in the Union as a slave state); and 8 never lived to complete their 4 years in office.
Each President is deplicted during his presidency by a painting or photograph. All are shown in paintings except for Bill Clinton and George W. Bush. Just for fun, take a long look the portraits. On page 37, James Buchanan (above) looks astonishingly like Anthony Hopkins as he appeared in the movie "Hannibal". Some people may not really remember what all the Presidents looked like, except for those deplicted on currency. This book offers a quick glimpse into their personal and public lives. Click on the title above for Internet link.

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