Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Neither cast ye your PURLs...

Okay, Matthew was talking about pearls, not PURLs.
For those of you in the know, a PURL is a persistent uniform resource locator. This means it's a kind of URL which doesn't disappear when you need it most.

There are thousands of PURLs linked to the Government Documents in our library catalog. If you'd like to quickly skim through these and get an idea of the the vast number and variety of titles, go to the SWOSU Library website. Simply click on "Find books, reserves, and journals" located under the word catalog. Then, under "Search for", type in PURL and hit the enter button. You'll see several thousand PURL titles. Click on one, scroll down and select "Click here for online access."

Just a few of the titles:
13. Anabolic Steroids, 23. Central and Southern Iraq, 46. DNA in Minor Crimes, 59. Healthy start, grow smart. Your 3 month-old, 70. Highway 12: A long and winding road, 271. Federal Law Enforcement at the Borders and Ports of Entry, 380. NADS: National Advanced Driving Simulator, 975. NAEP Writing State Report for Oklahoma National Assessment Educational Progress, 1171. Online Scams: potholes on the information highway, 1180. Residential Solar Heating Collector.

This is just a fun way to quickly get an idea of the vast amount of information available to students and the public from Government Documents free of charge.

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