Friday, August 25, 2006

100 Years of Oklahoma Governors

The Oklahoma Department of Libraries website has a new link to "100 Years of Oklahoma Governors." (Click on title above, then again look for "100 Years of Governor" on actual site, and click on Lasso ODL's round-up of the state's chief executives.) This site includes a photograph and brief biography of all of Oklahoma's governors. Pictured is "Alfalfa Bill" Murray (my favorite Governor) who served from January 12, 1931 until January 15, 1935.

He is known for helping feed the hungry during the Great Depression and donated his own salary for that purpose. He also married the neice of the Governor of the Chickasaw Nation, started a ranch in Bolivia, and called out the National Guard to reopen an Oklahoma constructed bridge on the Red River, which had been closed by the Governor of Texas. He also helped raise the price of oil to increase production and gain revenue for the state during a time when we really needed the money. Check out all of the great biographies on this website.

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