Thursday, December 20, 2007

Ask a Librarian: Limited service until Wed., 1/9/08

The Ask a Librarian reference service will only be available by phone (580-774-7082) and in person during the holiday break. The library will be closed during the holiday break, please check the library hours here. Ask a Librarian via IM will be closed until Thursday, January 10, 2008. We'll respond to questions received through the Ask a Librarian web form during the break. Thank you, and have a great holiday break!

Monday, December 17, 2007

USGS Maps for Sale Online

Click on the blue title above to see the extensive list of maps for sale by the United States government. You can find everything from maps of the world, countries, states, satellite images to maps of national parks. There are also some foreign maps and reproductions of antique maps. One of the most striking maps you can order is "This Dynamic Planet" which displays: volcanoes, earthquakes, impact craters, and plate tectonics. Check out the website and be amazed.

Live Holiday Concerts and CD Recommendations

Celebrate the spirit of the season with live holiday concerts and CD recommendations from NPR

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Mitchell Report

This is an electronic copy of the 400+ page report submitted to the Commissioner of Baseball regarding the independent investigation into the illegal use of steriods and other performance enhancing substances by players in Major League Baseball.

101 Best Web Freebies set out to find the most useful products and services available for free on the Web. Some things like e-mail, search engines, social networks, and mainstream news sites—no doubt cherished online freebies—were eliminated from consideration because they're widely known to be free and Business Week wanted to surprise readers with what they may not know is there for the taking—at no charge. Read on for's list of the 101 Best Free Things on the web.

Social Explorer: Demographics made easy.

Social Explorer is a U.S. demographics website. Their online tools can help you visually analyze and understand the demography of the United States through the use of interactive maps and data reports. Their primary product is a web-based application that creates fast, intuitive, and visually appealing maps and reports. Their software gives anyone with an Internet connection access to census data that was previously the domain of social science experts. Social Explorer comes in a public and subscription format.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

SpiralFrogs adds 1 millionth song

SpiralFrog, a web service that offers free (ad supported) music from major labels has announced that they now have 1 million songs available for download. The service launched in September with nearly 800,000 songs and has been adding music steadily ever since.
“We are constantly adding new content and features to the site,” said Joe Mohen, founder and chairman of SpiralFrog. “Music fans want to be able to update and expand their music library on a continual basis and with our ever-expanding library and popular site features such as ‘Buzz of the Day’ and ‘New Releases,’ we’re making it easier than ever to discover and catalog new music.”

SpiralFrog, which is available to internet users in both the U.S. and Canada, provides downloadable songs from many major label artists, allowing you to either play them on a PC with Windows Media Player 10 or 11 and copy them to up to 2 devices supporting Microsoft's PlaysForSure DRM technology.

In addition to music, SpiralFrog also features 3,500 videos some of which must be streamed live from their site, while others may be downloaded like the songs.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Holiday Books: In the Winter Cold, Warmth and Light on the Page

"Winter is icummen in," wrote Ezra Pound in a comical little poem — and winter is coming in, indeed. Its advent means shorter days and longer nights, with less natural light. So as darkness falls readers switch on a lamp or pull a chair close to a fireplace and pick up a book.

For a list of great winter reading go to NPR

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

For Struggling Black College, Hopes of a Revival

On Dec. 25 The Great Debaters will appear in theaters with Denzel Washington as its director and star, and Oprah Winfrey as producer. The film depicts the triumph of Wiley College, a small black liberal arts college in Marshall, Texas, where in 1935 the black poet and professor Melvin B. Tolson coached his debating team to a national championship in the face of Academic Racism.

See: New York Times December 5, 2007

Monday, December 03, 2007


While most academic libraries have a really good selection of journals, it's kind of fun to look at an open access journal. One of these is called DOAJ, which stands for Directory of Open Access Journals. Click on the blue title above and see what's available. You don't need any type of ID number and it's free (unless you feel you just need to make a contribution and become a member.) There are almost 3,000 titles available currently.

Empowering Oklahoma Women

The Oklahoma Women's Network Blog is run by Jean Warner who has a PhD in Political Science from OU and works to protect and empower Oklahoma women and girls. She is a member of Nichols Hills United Methodist Church and occasionally posts about Africa and the children's library she helped build in Kenya. She lives in Oklahoma City with her husband, Larkin, a retired OSU economics professor.

Friday, November 30, 2007

Education Majors: Connexions

Connexions is a place to view and share educational material made of small knowledge chunks called modules that can be organized as courses, books, reports, etc. Anyone may view or contribute:

  • authors create and collaborate
  • instructors rapidly build and share custom collections
  • learners find and explore content

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

How To Write A Killer Resume

If your resume isn't winning interviews for your dream job, it might be time for a rewrite.

Before you even sit down in front of the computer, consider the type of job you want. Think about the skills you want to use daily, and then determine two or three job titles that encompass them. Also, determine the type of company you want to work for--small or large, private or public--and the preferred industry.

For more information: Resume

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Government Website Offers Sales to Public

Did you ever wonder what items are sold at the US Government Auction? While it's not quite eBay, there are a few bargains to be found in everything from buildings and land to jewelry, sporting goods, and even international real estate. Click the blue title above to check out the website.

Monday, November 19, 2007

American Indian Heritage Month

A traveling art exhibit, “Finding Our Balance,” will be on display at Southwestern Oklahoma State University in Weatherford on November 19 through November 26.

The exhibit will be located in the Memorial Student Center Art Gallery, located on the first floor.

A special presentation by Ted Isham will be held on Monday, November 19, at 12:30 p.m. in the Memorial Student Center Ballroom on the SWOSU campus. Isham is curator of the Creek Council House Museum.

The Native American Club at SWOSU is sponsor of both events with the Weatherford Arts Council providing the reception at 12:30 p.m. on November 19.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Convicted Spies and Terrorists

The United States government has a new webpage which helps track people who were convicted of being terrorists or spies. To use, click on the blue title above, then click on any of the visible locations to get a list of convictions so far in this fiscal year. Also available is a month by month report for the last five years. Be sure to look for the "FREE" button in the top right corner to see all that's available without any charge.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

High Definition Video of the Moon

The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) and public broadcaster NHK have succeeded in capturing the world’s first high-definition video of the moon taken from lunar orbit. The 8x time-lapse video was shot using an HDTV camera aboard the KAGUYA lunar explorer, a.k.a. SELENE (SELenological and ENgineering Explorer), while in orbit 100 kilometers (62 miles) above the lunar surface.

JAXA has posted an online version of the video, which is divided into two parts. The first part was shot on west side of the Ocean of Storms as the explorer moved from south to north, and the second part was shot from a location north of the Ocean of Storms (Oceanus Procellarum) as the explorer moved toward the north pole. The footage was taken on October 31.

Monday, November 05, 2007

Which New Cars Get The Best Mileage?

Wonder which new cars get the best mileage? Click on the title above to see the latest government mileage report for 2008 cars. The cars gas consumption ranges from 48 mpg in the city (Toyota Prius) down to less than 10 mpg for several imported luxury/sports cars. There is a possibility that anyone who can afford $200,000 for a new car may not be too concerned about the gas bill. Three pragmatic ways to increase our mileage: A. Keep our tires inflated to the proper pressure. B. Avoid jack rabbit starts and stops. C. Remove seldom used heavy items from your trunk like old books, clothes, and sports equipment. D. Plan ahead and make one trip to town instead of three.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

2007 MacArthur Fellows

Read all about the 2007 winners of the so-called "genius" grants,
including a forensic anthropologist, an environmental geographer, an
inventor, a painter/installation artist, a neuroboticist, a medieval
historian, a blues musician, and more.

Monday, October 29, 2007

2010 Census will determine state grant money

Want to know why the 2010 Census determines how much grant money Oklahoma receives? Click on the title above and take a look at page 7 on the attachment to see how Oklahoma's share will change in 2010.

Extreme Pumpkins

Friday, October 26, 2007

Monsters and Madmen: Halloween DVD's

Launching us from a grave past to a space-age future, these two thrilling double features, from producers Richard and Alex Gordon, spin classic tales of hair-raising homicidal mania and intrepid, death-defying exploration. Featuring Boris Karloff in two of his most horrifying roles The Haunted Strangler and Corridors of Blood, and two classic sci-fi treats from the atomic age.

For True Fright try: Diabolique

An acknowledged influence on Psycho, Henri-Georges Clouzot’s horror classic is the story of a sadistic headmaster who brutalizes his fragile wife and his headstrong mistress. The two women murder him and dump his body in a swimming pool; when the pool is drained, no corpse is found.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Tuition Hikes Outpace Student-Aid Increases

All Things Considered, October 22, 2007 · Among the immutable laws of physics that students learn about, here's one Newton never dreamed of: The cost of going to college always goes in one direction. Here's another: As student aid goes up, college costs rise faster.

According to Sandy Baum, senior policy analyst with the College Board, the average price of college is continuing to rise more rapidly than the consumer price index, and more rapidly than average prices in the economy.

For more on this story click Here.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

How to Use the Internet in Your Job Search

You may be thinking about using the Internet to help you in your quest for a new job. If not, you should. Maybe this will persuade you: in 1998, there were over 28 million jobs posted on the Internet. That number includes Job Boards, Corporate Web sites, and Usenet (1999 Electronic Recruiting Index,, 1998). According to Job Searching Online for Dummies by Pam Dixon, 17,000 new jobs are posted online each week and employers and recruiters use the Web to make 48*percent* of all hires.

From Career Planning by Dawn Rosenberg McKay.

For more information click Here

Monday, October 22, 2007

Struggling Musicians and Garage Bands: Kompoz Your Music Today!

Kompoz is a social workspace and music collaboration tool for musicians in many genres (R&B, Techno, Jazz, Latin, Rock, Classical, Bluegrass, etc.). Use it to compose new music with other artists around the world. Whenever you got an idea for a song, record a track, upload it, then invite others to add drums, bass, vocals or anything else to it.

Kompoz offers a discussion board to share information on publishing, copyright, recording tips, quality equipment to use, and much more. Kompoz's blogs provide a forum for musicians to share video footage (YouTube style) of stage performances and live concert venues.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Best Cities For Jobs

A mining community has struck gold--with tech jobs.

Topping the latest ranking of out Best Cities for Jobs list is Salt Lake City. The Crossroads to the West, an economy that has been predominantly driven by the mining and steel industries, has developed into a service-based city and has become a tech sector hub for digerati migrating from Silicon Valley.

View the Slide show here: Best Cities For Jobs

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

New FDA Drug Safety Newsletter - Online!

Click on the title above to check out a new online drug website for healthcare professionals. The website newsletter includes postmarketing reviews, drug safety, fact sheets and alerts.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Great Places To See Live Music: Great American Music Hall

Starting as a bordello in 1907, then as a burlesque club, and finally in its present incarnation as the Great American Music Hall, this San Francisco landmark has seen a lot of action. Host Kevin Seal shows you the beautiful theater that has hosted performances by everyone from Duke Ellington, Count Basie and Bill Evans to the Grateful Dead to Rufus Wainwright and the Arcade Fire. Audio expert Lee Brenkman shows us the power behind the sound, and fills in tech dork Xifer Fortier on this room's colorful history.

Download a free version of this video, which can play on
iPods and iPhones, and is expandable into a larger screen
size. (a 26 MB MPEG-4 video file)

Friday, October 12, 2007

Spooky Movies: Carnival of Souls

With Halloween rapidly approaching it might be time for a scary movie from the Al Harris Criterion Collection:

Herk Harvey’s macabre masterpiece gained a cult following through late night television and has been bootlegged for years. Made by industrial filmmakers on a modest budget, Carnival of Souls was intended to have the “look of a Bergman” and “feel of a Cocteau,” and succeeds with its strikingly used locations and spooky organ score.

Carnival of Souls can be found on the first floor.
Call Number: 791.4372 C2899

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

What Color is Your Parachute?

What Color is Your Parachute is the world's top selling job search and career book. Since it was first published in 1970 millions of people have purchased a copy. The Library of Congress' Center for the Book listed this book as one of "25 Books That Have Shaped Readers' Lives" in 1995. For anyone who is looking for a job or considering a career change or transition, What Color is Your Parachute is one of the most important books you should read.

The book is available at the Al Harris Library:

Call Number: 650.14 B6919w 2005

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Government Website Lists Cheapest Gas Prices!

To find the cheapest gas prices in your favorite state, click the title above to go to Click on "Find Cheapest Gas Prices." located right under Get It Done Online! When the map appears, click on Oklahoma. Sorry, but only four cities are currently listed: Lawton, Norman, Oklahoma City, and Tulsa. Click on the city of your choice to see gasoline prices (lowest to highest.)

Monday, October 08, 2007

Vlaze: Music Plus Tevlevison

Vlaze is an Internet Television broadcasting and social network site that has undergone a major change. Once known as Music Plus Television Vlaze has been renamed and re-branded. Currently, Vlaze is used more as a distribution channel for content it produces itself. There are also new user-generated options for the hosting and sharing of video content. Vlaze: hot, original content.

Friday, October 05, 2007

Friday's Film: Mona Lisa

Writer-director Neil Jordan’s breakthrough film is a brilliant, noir-infused love story. Bob Hoskins (who snagged an Oscar nomination for his performance) plays George, a small-time loser employed as a chauffeur to an enigmatic, high-class call girl. His fascination with her leads him on a dangerous quest through the sordid underbelly of London, where love is a weakness to be exploited and betrayed.

This film is availble as part of the Criterion Collection here at the Al Harris Library:

Thursday, October 04, 2007

U.C. Berkeley posts lectures to YouTube

The school announced on Wednesday that it has begun posting entire course lectures on the Web's No.1 video-sharing site.

Berkeley officials claimed in a statement that the university is the first to make full course lectures available on YouTube. The school said that over 300 hours of videotaped courses will be available at

Berkeley said it will continue to expand the offering. The topics of study found on YouTube included chemistry, physics, biology and even a lecture on search-engine technology given in 2005 by Google cofounder Sergey Brin.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Graduate School or Not?

For many of us, an advanced degree is a necessity. The field in which we want to work requires a master's degree, or more advanced degree, for licensure or certification. For example, in order to practice as a lawyer, psychologist, librarian, or teacher, an advanced degree is required.For other careers, however, the need for an advanced degree is not as clear cut.

PETERSON'S Graduate & professional Programs provides comprehensive information on Graduate Programs and Degrees at more than 2000 institutions. The 2007 edition is available for browsing at the Reference Desk here in the Al Harris Library.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Where did Americans come from?

It's no big surprise that Americans have arrived from about every corner of the earth. Click on the title above (then scroll down) to see where Americans claim their ancestors actually came from. It's kind of amazing to some that over 15% of americans originated from German ancestors.

Monday, October 01, 2007 now offering MP3 downloads

I guess it was just a matter of time until Amazon started selling music downloads. Compatible with Windows Media Player and iTunes, Amazon offers the classics to the latest champion of American Idol (2 million songs and growing). The service does require you to download Amazon's MP3 downloader but remains very flexible in searching capability (genre, price, top downloads, new & future releases) for individual songs and complete albums. Time to fill up your iPod, iPhone, RAZR or BlackBerry!

Friday, September 28, 2007

Friday DVD: Schizopolis

Before Ocean's 11, 12, 13.... director Steven Soderbegh made his acting debut in this comedic drama. Placing the onus squarely on the viewer (“If you don’t understand this film, it’s your fault and not ours”), writer/director/editor/cameraman Soderbergh presents a film of confused identity, doublespeak, and white-knuckled corporate intrigue, confirming his status as one of America’s most daring and unpredictable filmmakers.

This film is available at the Al Harris Library:

791.4372 S337

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Mango: Free Foreign Language Tutorial

Traveling overseas? Need to communicate better with foreign language-speaking colleagues? Mango’s got you covered. This Web-based classroom offers lessons in 11 different languages, including Chinese, German, Italian, Russian, and Spanish. In each lesson you’re taught specific phrases, which you can have read aloud by clicking individual words or a speaker icon. The courses are easy to follow thanks to colorful pop-up balloons that show you where to click and what to do. Though still in beta, Mango is a polished, very worthwhile service that can definitely help you pick up some conversational language skills. And, like all the best Web apps these days, it’s free.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Top 10 Fastest Growing Jobs With a Master's Degree or a Doctorate Degree

Here are the fastest growing jobs that require a master's degree or a doctorate degree. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) predicts these jobs will grow faster than all other occupations through 2014. For more Information:

Occupational Outlook Handbook, 2006-2007

1. Physical Therapist

Physical therapists (PTs) provide services that restore patients' functions, improve mobility, relieve pain, and prevent or limit permanent physical disabilities. Employment of physical therapists is expected grow by 37% through 2014. Median annual earnings were $61,600 in 2004. Median hourly earnings were $29.60. Use the Salary Wizard at to find out how much physical therapists currently earn in your city. Physical therapists have either a master's or a doctoral degree.

2. Medical Scientist (Except Epidemiologist)

Medical scientists (except epidemiologists) generally have master's degrees. They conduct research about human diseases, but do not practice medicine. Employment of medical scientists (except epidemiologists) is expected to grow by 34% between 2004 and 2014. The median annual salary in this field was $60,200 in 2004. The median hourly salary in that year was just over $21. Use the Salary Wizard at to find out how much medical scientists currently earn in your city. Medical scientists (except epidemiologists) must have Ph.Ds.

3. Occupational Therapist

Occupational therapists (OTs) help people who have disabling conditions improve their ability to perform tasks in their daily living and working environments. There is expected to be a 34% growth in employment of occupational therapists between 2004 and 2014. Occupational therapists earned a median annual salary of $55,600 in 2004 and a median hourly wage of $26.75. Use the Salary Wizard at to find out how much occupational therapists currently earn in your city. Beginning in 2007, new occupational therapists must have at least a master’s degree.

4. Postsecondary Teacher

Postsecondary teachers instruct students above the high school level. They work in colleges, universities, and career, trade and technical schools. Included are faculty members and graduate assistants. Employment of postsecondary teachers is expected to see a 32% increase through 2014. Median yearly earnings in this field are $51,800 and vary by rank, field of study, type of institution, and geographic area. Use the Salary Wizard at to find out how much postsecondary teachers currently earn in your city. A doctoral degree is required to have this job.

5. Hydrologist

"Hydrologists study the quantity, distribution, circulation, and physical properties of underground and surface waters," according to the Occupational Outlook Handbook. Employment in this field is expected to grow by 32% through 2014. Median annual earnings of hydrologists were $60,900 in 2004. Median hourly earnings were $29.27. Use the Salary Wizard at to find out how much hydrologists currently earn in your city. Those working in this job have master's degrees.

6. Substance Abuse and Behavioral Disorder Counselor

Substance abuse and behavioral disorder counselors help those who have problems with drug, alcohol and gambling addictions and with eating disorders. There is expected to be a 29% increase in employment in this field through 2014. Substance abuse and behavioral disorder counselors earned a median annual salary of $32,600 or a median hourly wage of $15.69 in 2004. Use the Salary Wizard at to find out how much substance abuse and behavioral disorder counselors currently earn in your city. To work in this job you must have a master's degree.

7. Instructional Coordinator

An instructional coordinator's job is to improve the quality of education in the classroom. Instructional coordinators also are called curriculum specialists, staff development specialists, or directors of instructional material. Employment in this field is expected to increase by 28% through 2014. Median annual earnings were $50,100 in 2004. Median hourly wages were just over $24. Use the Salary Wizard at to find out how much instructional coordinators currently earn in your city. To work in this job you must have a master's degree.

8. Mental Health Counselor

Mental health counselors address and treat mental and emotional disorders and promote optimum mental health. Employment of mental health counselors is expected to grow by 27% through 2014. The median annual salary was $33,400 in 2004 and the median hourly wage was just over $16. Use the Salary Wizard at to find out how much mental health counselors currently earn in your city. To work in this occupation you must have a master's degree.

9. Mental Health and Substance Abuse Social Worker

Mental health and substance abuse social workers provide individual and group therapy, outreach, crisis intervention, social rehabilitation, and training in skills of everyday living to those with substance abuse issues. We can expect to see a 27% growth in employment through 2014. The median annual salary was $34,300 in 2004 and median hourly wages were $16.50. Use the Salary Wizard at to find out how much mental health and substance abuse social workers currently earn in your city. A master's degree is required for this job.

10. Epidemiologist

Epidemiologists, according to the Occupational Outlook Handbook, "investigate and describe the determinants of disease, disability, and other health outcomes and develops the means for prevention and control." There is expected to be a 26% increase in employment of epidemiologists. Median annual earnings were $52,500 in 2004. Median hourly wages were $25.25. Use the Salary Wizard at to find out how much epidemiologists currently earn in your city. A master's degree is required to have this job.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The American Presidency Project

Click on the title above to find information about past or present United States presidents. This website organizes an exceptional amount of presidential documents into one single (and easily searchable) location. This website contains almost 76,000 documents and provides us with everything from state of the union addresses to fireside chats with FDR.

Monday, September 24, 2007

musicovery visual jukebox

A visual music discovery application that allows users to listen to full music songs according to their mood (e.g. dark vs. energetic, positive vs. calm), time period or style: Muiscovery

Friday, September 21, 2007

French Gangster Movies? Try Le Cercle Rouge

Le Cercle Rouge is available at the Al Harris Library:

Call Number: 791.43 C412

Master thief Corey (Alain Delon) is fresh out of prison. But instead of toeing the line of law-abiding freedom, he finds his steps leading back to the shadowy world of crime, crossing those of a notorious escapee (Gian Maria Volonté) and alcoholic ex-cop (Yves Montand). As the unlikely trio plots a heist against impossible odds, their trail is pursued by a relentless inspector (Bourvil), and fate seals their destinies. Jean-Pierre Melville's Le cercle rouge combines honorable anti-heroes, coolly atmospheric cinematography, and breathtaking set pieces to create a masterpiece of crime cinema.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

AT&T to Help MPAA Filter the Internet?

"Ars Technica is reporting that the MPAA is trying to convince major ISPs to do content filtering. Now, merely wanting it is one thing, but the more important point is that 'AT&T has agreed to start filtering content at some mysterious point in the future.' We're left to wonder about the legal implications of that, but given that AT&T already has the ability to wiretap everything for the NSA, it was only a matter of time before they found a way to profit from it, too."

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

New Link to Major Military Site

The National Defense University Library has announced a new addition to MERLN's Military Policy Awareness Links (MiPALS) series: Regional Policy Overviews. Dividing the world into six major geographic areas, we can see regional policies for each area along with Congressional Research Service Reports. Click on title above for a quick look.

Online Job Seeking: JobFox

With the dawn of social networking sites a few years back, a doorway to a whole new world of communication, and in many ways job hunting, opened. Rob McGovern, founder and former chief executive of, seized the opportunity. He has taken a format Web users might typically see on or and combined it with a more traditional job board to form

Tuesday, September 18, 2007


A project of the St. Petersburg Times and Congressional Quarterly. In
the months ahead, the news staffs of both organizations will examine
major claims by presidential candidates and rule on their veracity: "Our
Truth-O-Meter will help voters sort fact from fiction in the campaign."

The Attack File also analyzes the truth behind attacks on candidates
and provides supporting links. The site is browsable by candidates and

Monday, September 17, 2007

Oklahoma State Fair

The Oklahoma State Fair will continue to run until September 23rd. The OSF is one of the top State Fairs in North America, showcasing our state's agriculture, manufacturing and commerce. It's everything from family entertainment and educational exhibits to exciting competitions and just plain fun! (And the Food is Scrumptious!)

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Free Citation Creators

Are you running out of time or having trouble citing that book or article for your research paper? Worry no more- there are several online citation makers that can create the citation for you. Writing that Bibliography has never been so easy and pain free!

Stop by the Reference Desk for a complete list.

MySpace Goes Hollywood

The social networking Web site will distribute videos from big-time producers in an effort to counter rival Facebook. is going Hollywood. The online social network owned by News Corp. has been taking meetings, holding power lunches, and returning calls from well-placed agents to lengthen a growing lineup of professionally produced videos for its large (and increasingly over-30) audience.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Take a Hike!

Now that the hot weather is behind us, it's a great time to check out Oklahoma's Top-Rated Trails (T 800.5 T767) in the Oklahoma section of Government Documents. Some of the selections listed are: Urban, Nature, Mountain Biking, Equestrian, Motorcycle, and 4 X 4. This little book lists the length of each trail and includes a map of how to get you there. Get your homework done early and have a little fun this weekend.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Music 2.0 Directory : Rocketsurgeon Blog

Welcome to the Rocketsurgeon Blog - Dissecting the Latest in Music 2.0 and Digital Entertainment. The Music 2.0 Directory is a comprehensive listing of all the companies and tools that are participating in the new music revolution. Directory categories and companies are listed on the sidebar. Subscribe to the RSS feed to keep up current with the latest submissions.

Friday, September 07, 2007

I want you to vote!

Click on the title above for complete information about registering to vote in Oklahoma. It's free and it's the best way to let politicians know how you really feel. Downloadable forms are available at this link also. The presidential elections are coming up soon and you need to be registered before you can vote.