Thursday, January 25, 2007

Insert a Picture In Your Research Paper!

Did you ever wonder how the print screen key worked on your computer? Want to crop part of a picture from the internet and insert it into your research paper? It's easy and once done, you'll use it again and again. Here's how:

1. Select a picture you want on the internet, or a photo you already downloaded. If you can see it on the screen, then you can save it.
2. Hit the print screen button.
3. Hit the green start button on the lower left corner of your screen.
4. Hit "programs."
5. Select "accessories."
6. Hit "paint."
7. Hit "edit."
8. Hit "paste." (Image will fill up screen.)
9. Click on the white button (under edit) with little dots in a rectangular shape.
10. Move your cursor with the mouse like it's a target on a gun and move it until it's located on the upper left of the rectangle you want to "cut out" of the picture. Then press down on the left button your mouse - while you move the cursor to the lower right corner of your cut out rectangle. Release button.
11. Hit edit.
12. click on cut out when menu appears. (Your rectangle on screen will disappear). Don't freak out!
13. Click on green start button again.
14. Go to paint again (steps 2-5 above.)
15. Go to edit. Left click your mouse.
16. Click on paste. Your cut out will appear by magic on grey background.
17. Move your cursor off of the rectangle and click on the grey background. White dashmarks around rectangle will disappear.
18. Now you have a choice, you can either immediately print. OR....
19. Save as a JPEG in your document pictures. Then later, you can send in the mail as an attachment, or insert in a research paper.
Easy!! Call 774-7069 at the Library if you need any assistance.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Their Words Live On

The literary world bid farewell to a number of authors and big thinkers in 2006, including Coretta Scott King, Octavia Butler, William Styron, and Wendy Wasserstein.

Visit the library catalog to find a sampling of their works.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

The Library is open again

The Al Harris Library is returning to its normal Spring semester hours on Tuesday, Jan. 16.

MLK in Black and White Event Planned at SWOSU

Martin Luther King in Black and White is planned for Monday, January 15, at 11:30 a.m. in the Memorial Student Center Ballroom on the Weatherford campus. The event will focus on the positive effects of King’s work on the lives and lifestyles of blacks and whites alike.
Tickets are $10 for the public and available through the SWOSU Dean of Students Office in Room 214 of the Stafford Center. Tickets must be purchased prior to the event. Additional ticket information is available by calling (580) 774-3767 or (580) 774-7153.
SWOSU students, faculty, staff and administrators are welcome to attend the luncheon free of charge but only if they pre-register with the Dean of Students office.

200 Year Anniversary of NOAA

The National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) was formed from some of the oldest science agencies in the United States Government. Most notably those involved with fisheries, mapping, and science. Check out their cool website by clicking the blue title above. The picture at the left is from their online poster collection. Some of the other items available online are: NOAA Legacy, Hall of Honor, Profiles in Time, Stories and Tales, A Nation at War, Tools of the Trade, and Art and Poetry from NOAA's Archives. The latter contains a gallery of work from the 1800's to the present and includes sketches from James McNeil Whistler when he worked for the C&GS. Other itmes of interest are the Photo Library with 20,000 photos (some from the 1600's) and viewable video clips of Historic Films.