Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Tuesday News:Escaped Wrecking Ball at Allegheny College Goes to Town

A wrecking crew that was demolishing part of the library at Allegheny College dropped the ball on Monday — literally. The 1,500-pound ball, which had snapped its cable, commenced a pinball-like journey downhill from the campus, which unfortunately led along North Main Street in Meadville, Pa., according to a report in today’s Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. The ball caromed off nine cars, kept in play by the curb, and came to a rest in the trunk of a car being driven by an Allegheny student, Alex Habay.
The student, a junior, was slightly hurt, and the police said he had been saved from severe injuries by the more than half dozen soccer balls he was carrying in his trunk. Mr. Habay is a forward on Allegheny’s soccer team