Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Work Tip Wednesday: Finding Work Is A Job In Itself

So you've left the search for your summer internship until the last minute. Stop stressing and get busy.

Yes, the most competitive internships at name-brand companies are likely filled. But there are plenty of opportunities still available at medium-sized and smaller organizations. On the plus side, those less formal internships might let you do more substantial work. The downside: They're not as likely to pay.

Maybe you're stalling because drafting a resume seems daunting; perhaps it's because you're not sure what field you want to go into. Don't let those things deter you. Potential employers understand you're in the middle of college and don't have much related experience. Put down what you do have. And that includes everything from a part-time job at a retail store in the mall to the waitressing job you had in high school

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