Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Insert a Picture into Your Research Paper!

This blog is over a year old, but is being posted again for new students. Did you ever wonder what the "Print Screen" button was for on your computer? Want to crop a graph from a page and insert it into your paper? It's easy to do. Here's how:
1. Select any picture or text. (If you can see it, you can save it.)
2. Hit the print screen button.
3. Hit the green start button on the lower left of your screen.
4. Hit "programs"
5. Select "accessories"
6. Hit "paint"
7. Hit "edit"
8. Hit "paste" (your image will appear on screen.)
9. Click on the white button (under edit) with little dots in a rectangle shape.
10. Move your cursor with the mouse like it's a target and move it until it's located on the upper left of the rectangle you want to "cut out" of the picture. Then press down on the left button on your mouse - while you move the cursor to the lower right corner of your cut out rectangle. Release button.
11. Hit edit.
12. Click on cut out when menu appears. (Your rectangle on screen will disappear.) Don't freak out!
13. Click on green start button again.
14. Go to paint again (steps 2-5 above.)
15. Go to Edit. Left click your mouse.
16. Click on paste. your cut out will appear by magic on grey background.
17. Move your cursor off of the rectangle and click on the grey background. White dashmarks around rectangle will disappear.
18. Now you have a choice, you can either immediately print. OR...
19. Save as a JPEG in your documents as a picture. Then later, you can send in the mail as an attachment or insert into a research paper. Easy!

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