Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Oklahoma Facts

Did you know that Oklahomans searched the statewide information databases a whopping 14 million times last year?

During a typical year, students, faculty and information seekers made 7.5 million visits to Oklahoma's college and university libraries - seven times the combined annual attendance figure for OU and OSU home football games.

Academic libraries in Oklahoma receive less than 2 cents of every higher education dollar.

College students and faculty borrow an average of 1.8 million items from Oklahoma's academic libraries each year - or ten items for every student enrolled in Oklahoma colleges.

Oklahoma public libraries answer almost 42,000 reference questions every week. That's more than one question for every man, woman and child living in Muskogee.

More than 1.8 million Oklahomans have a library card - more people than the combined populations of North Dakota, Vermont and Wyoming.

Oklahoma's school librarians are leaders. The state ranks fifth nationally in the number of National Board Certified school library media specialists.

These interesting facts were obtained from the Oklahoma Department of Libraries (405-521-2502.)

Friday, April 25, 2008

Beating the Odds: Tomichen, Winner of "21" Display

Congratulations to Ted Tomichen! He won the 21 movie poster giveaway.

Oklahoma City Festival of the Arts

Need a break from classes and studying this weekend?

The Oklahoma City Festival of the Arts offers visual, performing and culinary experiences for all ages. The festival ends this weekend, so go have some fun!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

National Turn Off TV Week

Some alternatives:

Read a book, graphic novel, whatever form of literature you're in to.

Play games (the non-computer/console kind) - puzzles, board games, Sudoku, cards, volleyball, basketball, tennis, etc.

Write (not a paper) - journal/diary about your college experiences, letter to a friend, letter of appreciation to a soldier serving overseas, etc.

Share your hobby, find someone who hasn't had the opportunity or time to learn a new hobby-we can all benefit from each other's expertise.

Cook meals instead of getting take-out, save some money and refrigerate the leftovers or entertain friends/guests with a dinner. (we all have to eat, right?)

Exercise, everyone needs to be more active and healther - go for a walk, a run, ride a bike, schedule time to visit the Wellness center.

For the studious individuals, begin studying for finals.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Earth Day 2008

Put the needs of Earth before your own. Find new ways to Reduce, Reuse & Recycle today.

Encyclopedia of Oklahoma History & Culture

The Oklahoma Historical Society has helped to create an online Encyclopedia of Oklahoma History & Culture. Click on the blue title above to select items from the table of contents. You can also browse by subject for the followiing entries: African American, American Indians, Arts & Humanities, Education, Environment, Farming, Folklife, Government and Politics, Immigration and Ethnicity, Industry, Military, Natural Resources, Petroleum, Ranching, Recreation and Entertainment, Religion and Philosophy, Settlement Patterns, Transportation, Urban Development, and Women.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

National Library Week: Super Sized

National Library Week: Game On

Find. Apply. Succeed.

Applying for a United States Government grant has never been easier. Click on the blue title above to go to GRANTS.GOV. New opportunies are listed each week. You can also learn about how to avoid scams and fraud when applying for a grant. Email alerts can also be sent directly to you when new grants are made available.

Monday, April 07, 2008

21 Movie Poster Giveaway

Learn about the true story of the MIT card counting team!

To celebrate the popularity of Ben Mezrich's New York Times Bestseller, Bringing Down the House: The Inside Story of Six MIT Students Who Took Vegas for Millions, and the movie by Sony Pictures, 21, the Al Harris Library is displaying materials that highlight the book, the movie, the history of Las Vegas and the phenomenon of gambling in American and popular culture.

For the duration of this library display, faculty, staff and students can submit contest forms for a chance to win a "21" movie poster. There are no restrictions on how many chances you submit. Contest chances will be available at the library display only. The winner will be announced during National Library Week, April 14-18.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Win a new iPod!

We need your help! Take part in our E-book survey at SWOSU SURVEY and you will be entered into a drawing for a free iPod. Also, every 25th participant will receive a free T-shirt.

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