Tuesday, August 12, 2008

2006 Oklahoma Baby Names

Oklahoma Crossroads has just published an online listing of the most popular baby names from Oklahoma in 2006. The top five girl names: Emma, Madison, Emily, Abigail, and Hannah. The top five boy names: Jacob, Ethan, Joshua, William, and Michael. Some of the more unusual names listed were: Adventure, Balance, Brave, Chaos, Mesiah, Sphinx, Tattoo, and Tequila. Check them all out. You can read the entire publication by typing in "2006 Oklahoma Baby Names" in the Al Harris library catalog; then hit "Click here for online access". You can also just search Google with the words "Oklahoma Crossroads"; then search for "2006 Oklahoma Baby Names". Or just for fun, browse the hundreds of other titles found there which pertain to Oklahoma.

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