Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Library of Congress on YouTube, iTunes & Flickr.

YouTube and iTunes launches groundbreaking Flickr pact to bring more treasures to the public.
The Library of Congress will begin sharing content from its vast video and audio collections on the YouTube and Apple iTunes web services as part of a continuing initiative to make its incomparable treasures more widely accessible to a broad audience. The new Library of Congress channels on each of the popular services will launch within the next few weeks. Click on Blue Title above photo to see article.

New channels on the video and podcasting services will be devoted to Library content, including 100-year-old films from the Thomas Edison studio, book talks with contemporary authors, early industrial films from Westinghouse factories, first-person audio accounts of life in slavery, and inside looks into the Library's fascinating holdings, including the rough draft of the Declaration of Independence and the contents of Lincoln's pockets on the night of his assassination.

All content made available on third-party sites will also be available on the Library’s own website at www.loc.gov.

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