Monday, March 22, 2010

C-SPAN Video Archives Online

C-SPAN has announced uploading their entire video archive to the Internet for free. C-SPAN is the only cable station that records and broadcasts every Congressional session, White House press briefing and other official activities from Washington, D.C.

How much information are we talking? That's 23 years of political history, 160,000 hours of video footage and 5 presidential administrations. Also included, video footage from "Book TV", featured programming on C-SPAN2 which documents public appearances of top non-fiction authors.

An archival feature for this web site, the Congressional Chronicle shows which members of Congress have spoken the most in the House and Senate. This ranking feature includes a profile page with biographical information, number of appearances, recent appearances, appearances with other notable figures, total floor time, committee assignments, and a photo gallery.

Besides searching for members of Congress, web site users can track information and actions on Congressional bills.

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