Friday, July 02, 2010

Tour de France.

France should be the locale for the most famous bicycle race in the world since the first production bicycle was produced there in 1865. It had an iron frame and wooden wheels - and was aptly named the Boneshaker. Production ceased in 1868.

The Tour de France was originally conceived only as a means to increase sales of a little sports newspaper named L'Auto. The Tour de France is celebrating it's 97th anniversary on 2010 and it will run from July 3-25, this year.

See the display at the Al Harris Library and check out (yes you can take them home) all the books about France: history, art, cooking, politics, and of course, the Tour de France. French language resources are also available.

One of the most famous riders of the Tour de France is a Texan named Lance Armstrong - He has won the race an amazing seven consecutive times! His story of surviving cancer surgery and chemotheraphy and going on to win the tour de France provides inspiration to thousands of cancer patients.

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