Thursday, June 23, 2011

One hundred and fifty years ago on April 12, 1861, shots were fired on Ft. Sumter in South Carolina. These shots marked the beginning of a war that would be fought on American soil for the next four years. The beginning of war was a fateful moment—one of the most profound in U.S. history—and in many ways it was the moment modern America was born.
The Civil War Tribute Quilt on display in the Al Harris Library was created in commemoration of this conflict. Stop by the library to look at the quilt along with the poster that provides information about the battle representations that are blocks of the quilt.
Check out the books and video resources that are also part of the display. Many new books that focus on a retrospective look at the war are included in the display. Through these resources, the reader is given the opportunity to consider the impact of this hard-fought conflict on our society today.
For a better understanding of the complexity of the Civil War, link to Civil War Timeline to see when and where the fighting took place.

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