Monday, March 10, 2014

Graphic Novels -- Check out some Adventure!

Graphic novels have become wildly popular over the past few years. Prior to this outburst of fandom, it was the die hard fans and collectors that paid attention to comics.

The recent surge of films based upon this genre has led to a larger audience, and with a larger fan base, academic libraries began acquiring and building their own collection of graphic novels.

Here at the Al Harris Library, we have a fantastic variety of graphic novels focused on the super hero genre, everything from The Avengers to Batman to Spider-Man. Not only are these novels a great way to escape reality, but they are also becoming quite popular in the classroom.

Our graphic novel selection is a great resource for elementary and secondary education majors to incorporate into their lesson plans. So take some time and grab a comic.

All of these great books and films are available for checkout!
Just ask for help at the circulation desk.

*The faculty and staff of SWOSU Libraries wish to congratulate all the student employees for their work building this display, particularly Ashley Robertson for her initiative and leadership on the project. - You all did a great job!

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