Monday, April 28, 2014

Campus Storm Shelters


With storm season upon us here is a list of designated storm shelters on the SWOSU campus:

For More information: Shelter
  • Administration: east and west basement hallways
  • Art Building: lowest level away from windows
  • Assessment Center: basement
  • Athletic Director: interior hallway
  • Bookstore/Market: first floor then to storm shelter
  • Bulldog Apartments (Mary Savage): neff hall residence life office area
  • Burton House: basement  
  • Campbell: 1st floor interior hallway and offices on west side hallway
  • CEBD: exit to Campbell building 1st floor, central hallway, away from windows and doors
  • Chem/Pharm/Physics: south basement hallway/1st floor physics hallway, classrooms, offices
  • Conference Center: interior hallway
  • Education Building: central basement hallway and first floor hallway
  • Engineering Technology: basement labs and classrooms rock building
  • Fine Arts: lobby stairwells/lobby instrument storage/entrance ramps to auditorium
  • Fitness Center: Neff Hall basement
  • Green House: Rogers and Jefferson storm shelter
  • Hilltop Theater: dressing room and dressing room hallways
  • Library: basement auditorium, hallway and classrooms
  • Music Building: main hallway
  • Neff Hall: Neff Hall residence life hallway/boiler room hallway
  • Nursing: basement
  • Oklahoma Hall (music annex): music hallway/lobby t.v. area
  • Parker Hall:  basement
  • Pharmacy II: basement hallway and classrooms
  • Physical Plant: file storage area northwest room
  • Pioneer Cellular Event Center: basement hallways (west and north sides)
  • Print Shop: interior hallway
  • Rankin Williams Field House: north classroom and hallway
  • Rogers and Jefferson Hall: first floor then to storm shelter
  • Science Building: first floor hallway
  • Stafford: follow signs to basement shelter
  • Stewart Hall: main hallway central basement
  • Student Development: basement area
  • Student Center: central basement hallway and storage area/commuter lounge hallway
  • Theatre Scene Shop: lowest level away from windows
  • Upward Bound: central hallway
  • Wellness Center: men’s or women’s locker room, interior hallway of student health services office area, or the first floor enclosed stairwells

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