Monday, June 30, 2014

The SWOSU Anime Collection

The SWOSU Libraries are home to a diverse collection of television series and films. For the months of July and August, we have chosen to feature our newly developed Anime collection.

Anime is an art form that provides imaginative and diverse views of the world through the unique cultural lens exclusive to the medium’s Japanese creators.

Anime contains a variety of genres, including: science fiction, fantasy, horror, historical period pieces, drama, comedy and other popular styles of film.

Titles chosen for the SWOSU Anime Collection serve
as representative examples of the genre, and exhibit historical, cultural and artistic significance.

This collection is available to all interested faculty, staff and students, and will be updated periodically to remain relevant and to continuously provide library patrons with a well-rounded film collection.

Please feel free to check out any of the films or books in this display. Just ask for assistance from one of our staff at Circulation Desk.


Friday, June 06, 2014

Take a Look at Female Literary Powerhouses

As part of our personal experiences, there are a number of women who have made positive and lasting impressions on our lives. Not surprisingly, some of the notable women we have encountered are fictional.

When reading a novel, we often feel a certain kinship with, or admiration for, a particular heroine. Perhaps the heroine inspires us because we find her to be very strong willed and capable of moving forward in a positive way to achieve a better life. The women who are represented in this display are excellent examples of inspiring women.

These protagonists cover a wide range of ages and backgrounds, and they have powerful stories to share with readers. Their actions inspire us because these women learn from self-discovery, and they grow stronger through decision making that influences their actions.

The quotations located on the display are either spoken by or about these female powerhouses. Their qualities of strength, love, and determination are part of the what makes them such interesting literary leading ladies.

Take a look at the books and quotations on the display and consider why each of these characters is a powerhouse. These books are great summer reads, so check one out and see what you think about the powerful woman's story.