Tuesday, May 12, 2009

How To Legally Watch Your Favorite Shows Without Monthly Fees

Jason Henderson at the SWOSU Library has some neat ideas:

In the digital world of 2009, more entertainment and educational video content has become available for consumption via the World Wide Web. These services are often a great value in locations where television reception can be difficult to pick up, and the only viable alternatives until now have been cable service or satellite TV services, like Dish Network and Direct TV. Click on the blue title above to access IPTV.

Online television websites include:
HULU (www.hulu.com) Programming from several major contributors including: NBC, and FOX, as well as full length motion pictures.
CBS, (www.cbs.com) Programming from CBS - Current Shows and a great collection of classics.
ABC (www.abc.com) Programming from ABC – Much of it available in High Definition!

Until now the only “problem” with this free, on-demand form of entertainment has been the need to be confined to the computer desktop. Even with the ability to watch on portable laptop computers, most users of long form entertainment wish to view programming in a more traditional manner on an actual tv, from the comfort of their favorite easy chair or sofa. One company, Mediamall technologies has come up with a solution utilizing wired/wireless DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance) networking to provide exactly the experience users are looking for.

The only “catch” is a PC is needed to run the software, and then a secondary network attached “receiver” is required to be plugged in to the TV. Devices that are “fully supported” include Microsoft XBOX 360, SONY Playstation 3, Nintendo Wii (Support coming soon). In fact many other “unofficial” DLNA enabled devices work with it as well, and are listed on the official Playon website: www.themediamall.com

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